The Morning Routine that Enables me to Go back to Bed—Guilt-Free. Published on Elephant Journal

I am not really a morning person.

I hit snooze about three times. I check my email in bed and see if there is anything urgent I need to respond to. I hit snooze again. This repeats until I finally pull myself up and make it to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

Every single morning, when I return from the bathroom, I find my dog, Ruby, lying on the spot I just arose from with her head on my pillow, little spot stealer that she is. I am sure it is nice and warm and she looks super cute and cozy. How could I not just take a few moments and get back into bed to cuddle with her?

As soon I lie next to her, she asks, well, paws me, to lift the blanket up so she can slide under the covers. Once she is under, she curls herself up into the curves of my body. We just lie there cuddling and snuggling. My heart gets this full feeling from having her near me.

We start hearing the noises of the Indian village come alive. We hear the laborers are on their way to work. We hear the mule owners directing their packs. We hear a Tibetan man yelling, “Palay!” alerting everyone that fresh bread is available. We probably hear a few stray dogs bark, most likely at the stray bulls walking by them. Then inevitably, Ruby, my little diva, starts whining and demanding her breakfast. I get a couple paws in my face. The spell is broken. It is time to start my day. I am feeling content and loved. The potential stresses of the day subside.

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