Justice for Rox and his Friends. Published on Elephant Journal

In India, there are an approximated 35 million stray dogs.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and animal advocates in India work to implement humane methods of population control with catch and release, spay, neuter and rabies vaccination programs. These groups also educate the community on rabies and are working to shift the mindset of community members to treat the stray animal population as a local problem that can be managed with compassion and education.

Even with such programs, and the Central Government support from Maneka Gandhi, India’s most powerful animal advocate, many people feel that the stray dogs are pests that are diseased and unwanted. Rox, one of the victims of a poisoning had just been at Dharamsala Animal Rescue recovering from a head wound. He was released back to his home on the street once he recovered, which is the legal requirement for the release of street dogs. When Kamlesh Singh Bora, Manager of Dharamsala Animal Rescue was called to rescue several sick dogs later on, he was devastated to see Rox, laying on the ground dead, along with nine other dogs.

Today, he is working to get justice for their murders.

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