Don’t Ask Me for Money for your “World-Changing” Burning Man Camp. Published on Elephant Journal

Don’t ask me for money for your Burning Man camp that you think will change the world.

Like many of us, at one time, I was fascinated with the idea of Burning Man. It seemed like a pretty cool concept: a town that is constructed every year and focuses on community, art, self-reliance, no waste and self-expression.

What’s not to like?

Then I moved to San Francisco and I immediately started getting invitations to parties that would sound something like this:

“Come to dance like Shiva at our Burning Man camp fundraiser. The DJ’s beats will pound into your psyche and open your mind to a greater social consciousness and together we will bring harmony to this crazy thing that we call life.”

Or something similar like:

“Create space and awareness in your soul. Dance to world class music in our sacred space and as a community we can steer this nation in a better direction.”

You get the drift?

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Image: John Lester/Flickr

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