About Deb


When I turned 40,I decided her life needed some shaking up. In fact, I needed to rattle my brains a bit. I was done climbing the corporate ladder, paying mortgages and internet dating. After returning from a trip to India, a series of serendipitous events led me to start a nonprofit. Eventually, I quit my corporate job and moved to Dharamsala, India to focus on the nonprofit full time. If I only knew what I was getting myself into!

Now don’t confuse me with Elizabeth Gilbert. I am not a serial monogamist. I did not go to India because of a heart break. Not that there is anything wrong with that! However, at this point in my life, I have done just about all of the self discovery I so desire on therapist couches, yoga retreats, and spiritual workshops. In fact, I Eat very carefully, due to the risk of bacteria and parasites in India. I no longer Pray after experiencing the harsh reality of the developing world on a day-to-day basis and I believe compassionate action is the answer. However, I did find Love with a younger Indian man.

Now at 48 and in the throws of peri-menopause, I have decided to write. I am wondering if 10 years from now when I have transitioned out of this stage of life, I will regret it, but for now, here I come!  – Deb